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Six Stages of Staging a Home

Whether you’re looking to rent out or sell your current home or rental property, keeping the space looking nice is very important. Prospective buyers or renters will be analyzing every inch of the house to make sure the home is a fit for them. Preparing a home for sale means doing things like packing up nearly all your personal items and decluttering, keeping everything sparkling clean, and making sure that everything else (hardware, electrical, plumbing, etc.) is up to date. But perhaps one of the most beneficial things you can do is stage your home.

An article from Southeast Discovery found that “77% of buyers’ agents felt that a staged home made it easier for buyers to visualize the space.”

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Benefit #1: Appeal to the largest demographic of buyers

The definition of home staging is fairly basic and common sense: you want to make your home more appealing to buyers. It’s all about the little details — the lipstick and mascara of a home, if you will, according to The Balance. We’ve got six benefits that you’ll reap when you stage your home before renting or selling.

The more simplistic things are, the better off you’ll be. Choose neutral tones for painting, flooring, and furniture. Remember, it’s not your taste that matters, but that of the buyer/renter. You don’t want the buyer/renter to be distracted by your personal belongings, so do your best to keep knick knacks to a minimum, take down personal photos, and stash away major collections. But keep in mind that the home should still feel warm and inviting, despite the lack of personal effects.

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